Welcome to Knox Minerals Pty Ltd!

Welcome to Knox Minerals Pty Ltd! Established in 2014, Knox has recently launched the provision of Geological Consultancy Services to the Exploration and Mining community. We are available to assist you with Mineral Deposit Targeting, Exploration Program Planning and Full Tenement Management. We have been trained to think big and want to help you discover the next major deposit.

We have roots in regolith and regional mapping, structural, metamorphic and ore deposit geology in Phanerozoic to Palaeoproterozoic terranes. We also have the software which enables us to merge 3D geophysical inversions with large scale 3D geological models to rapidly assess mineral deposit prospectivity. In the past we have worked with multiple Australian and international joint venture funding partners and have the skills to excite investors through professional presentations.

These are exciting times for Knox, and we’re looking forward to helping more companies attract investment funds and advance their projects.